Call for Papers for a special issue of World Economic Review on the Political Economy of University, INC.

Neoliberal restructuring includes an unprecedented attack on the autonomy of universities, their faculties, administrators, support staffs and students. How has your work – as a professor, graduate student, educational support professional, administrator or researcher – changed in response to policies designed to remake the University in the image of the for-profit business concern? How have you and your colleagues organized resistance to these changes?

The premise of this special issue of World Economic Review: Contemporary Policy Issues – an on-line peer reviewed journal with a global subscription of 13,000 – is that every aspect of post-secondary education is affected by the corporatization of the university. Thus, contributions are invited from all disciplinary fields and every location within the university. Papers exploring the intellectual, personal, pedagogical, and theoretical dimensions of the attack on public higher education are welcome. Submissions may document, explain or analyse movements to resist University, INC.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Research initiatives that support this resistance;
  • Classroom/pedagogical strategies for helping students understand what’s at stake;
  • Curricular materials exposing the corporate pressure to vocationalize and de-intellectualize the university;
  • Labour organizing as tool to resist the drive to corporatize;
  • Debt financing education and the corporate education model; and
  • Personal reflections on the impact of corporatization.

Submissions from all disciplines are welcome. If you have an idea for a paper, please send an email to sketching your thoughts. You will be informed very quickly if you are on track for producing a piece (from 2000 to 5000 words) suitable for publication in WER.

Thank you for your consideration,

Susan Feiner, Professor of Economics, Professor of Women and Gender Studies University of Southern Maine, Portland ME

Rex McKenzie, Lecturer in Economics, Kingston University, London, England

Devrim Yilmaz, Lecturer in Economics, Kingston University, London, England