GLU South Africa / WITS – Applications OPEN for 2018!

Masters Programme “Labour and Development, Economic Policy, Globalisation and Labour”

In January 2007 the GLU Masters programme with a focus on Labour and Development started at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS), Johannesburg, South Africa.

Entry Requirement

Masters Entry Requirements

  • BA Honours or reasonable grounds in terms of union and research experience to be RPL’d
  • 7 years plus union / Labour Support Organisation experience
  • research or policy experience in the union / Labour Support Organisation
  • union / Labour Support Organisation endorsement
  • CV
  • sample of written work
  • marks in previous studies should be at least 65% average
  • research proposal
  • formal, written commitment to return to unions/ Labour Support Organisation’s for at least 2 years after completion
  • admission to MA GLU is automatic for GLU Honours who achieved at least 65% average in GLU Honours

All applications not suitable for the one year Masters Programme will be considered for the two year Honours and Masters Programme.

No applicant will be permitted to work full-time and study full-time. Those who cannot be released from their positions during their studies must register part-time, taking the degree in question over 2 years. This is a condition of registration, and non-negotiable.

Download the application documents for the GLU Masters Programme at WITS in South Africa starting in 2018.
(Application_Form_Internal_2018 Application deadline is 31. August 2017


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In case of any queries, interested persons should contact Programme Coordinator Ms. Pulane Ditlhake at (Tel: 0027 11 717 4443).