Neoliberal Globalization as New Imperialism: Case Studies on Reconstruction of the Periphery Editors : Ahmet H. Kose, Fikret Senses and Erinc Yeldan

Publisher: Nova Science Publishers

ISBN: 1-60021-639-0

About the Book

This book attempts to bring together, both theoretically and empirically, a variety of contributions on the ideology of neoliberal globalization as a new phase of global capitalism-cum-imperialism. Trumpeted with the rhetoric of TINA (There Is No Alternative) the neo-liberal orthodoxy has become the dominant ideology today in restructuring the periphery of global capitalism. This book addresses the diverse economic structures of the global periphery and tries to deduce lessons on the current global crisis conjuncture of global capital in governing the world.




Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Net Resource Transfers and Dependency: Some Recent Changes in the World Economy
    (Korkut Boratav)
  • The Level of Activity in an Economy with Free Capital Mobility
    (Prabhat Patnaik and Vikas Rawal)
  • Globalization as the Hegemonic Concept of Neoliberal Ideology
    (Erinc Yeldan)
  • Imbalances in the World Economy and Congestion in the Periphery
    (Ahmet Hasim Köse and Ahmet Öncü)
  • Surplus Allocation and Development under Global Capitalism?
    (Cem Somel)
  • Does Economic Growth Mean the Rise of the Wealth of Nations?
    (E. Ahmet Tonak)
  • Economic Policy Regimes and the Profitability: The Turkish Economy, 1968-2000 (Benan Eres)
  • A “Hot” Debate: Financial Crises in Turkey, Mexico and South Korea
    (Nilgün Erdem)
  • Globalization, Inequality and the Labour Market
    (Yilmaz Akyüz, Heiner Flassbeck and Richard Kozul-Wright)
  • Life after Crisis for Labor and Capital in the Era of Neoliberal Globalization
    (Özlem Onaran)
  • Socioeconomic Effects of Economic Crises: A Comparative Analysis of the Experiences of Indonesia, Argentina and Turkey
    (Fikret Senses and Murat Koyuncu)
  • Rethinking the Nature of the Beast: The Turkish State and the Process of Europeanization
    (Galip L. Yalman)
  • The Neo-Liberal Paradigm and Small Enterprises: Accumulation by Dispossession in the Case of Turkey
    (Semsa Ozar)
  • Index