Charting Ways Out of Europe’s Impasse – A Policy Memorandum WIIW

A memorandum, based on a 3-year research project, discussing possible ways out of prolonged stagnation and low growth due to recent crisis and austerity measures in EU. Charting_Ways_Out  (Download the full text in PDF format) * This article is originally published by WIIW

The South: What are the alternatives? The conclusions of the Algiers symposium Samir Amin

The sovereign project, by breaking with the neoliberal doctrine, can help initiate social advances and the reconstruction of a world respectful of national sovereignty. The_South_Alternatives (Download the full text in PDF format) * This article was originally published in the Pambazuka News, Issue 655, 21 November 2013. ** Samir Amin is the director of the Third World Forum

Civilizing Capitalism: “Good” and “bad” greed from the enlightenment to Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929) Erik S. Reinert

This paper investigates the historical arguments about the role of self interest and greed in capitalism, and how scholars over time have categorised 'good greed' and 'bad greed'. Civilizing_Capitalism (Download the full text in PDF format) This article was originally published in Real-World Economics Review, issue no. 63.

The Emerging Left in the Emerging World Jayati Ghosh

In this article, the author reviews several features of emerging left movements in Latin America, Africa and developing Asia that suggest a move away from some traditional ideas associated with socialist theory and practice even as there are two important areas of continuity with the leftist thinking of the past. Emerging_Left (Download the full text in PDF format) (The article was originally published in EPW Vol XLVII No.24, June 16 2012.)