Cash Transfers as a Strategy for Poverty Reduction: A critical assessment Policy Brief No. 03/2011

In the past decade, cash transfers have been gaining in popularity as a preferred strategy for poverty reduction in different parts of the world. This policy brief discusses some of the pros and cons of using cash transfers as a strategy for poverty reduction. It also discusses the need for seeing cash transfers as supplements, rather than as substitutes of public provisioning of goods and services. PB_03_2011 (Download the full text in PDF format)

Investment Provisions in Trade Agreements: Critical issues Policy Brief No. 02/2011

A prominent feature of recent trade and economic agreements is the inclusion of investment provisions, which involve profound public policy commitments. This policy brief focuses on some of the key aspects that developing country policymakers have to bear in mind while entering into investment negotiations. PB_02_2011 (Download the full text in PDF format)