Freedom of Association and the Right to Strike Lula da Silva

In this article the author, the former President of Brazil, takes issue with attempts to  limit the right to strike and the pressure to reduce the ILO’s character from a global organisation promoting workers' rights to a more standard UN agency. right_to_strike  (Download the full text in PDF format) This article was originally published in the blog

Has the Income Share of the Middle and Upper-middle been Stable over Time, or is its Current Homogeneity across the World the Outcome of a Process of Convergence? The ‘Palma Ratio’ Revisited José Gabriel Palma

The income-share of the rich, the most crucial of all distributional stylised facts, is what largely explains why inequality is so unequal across the world. Income_Share (Download the full text in PDF format) (This paper has been published in Cambridge Working Papers in Economics (CWPE) 1437.)

Responding to the Unemployment Challenge: A job guarantee proposal for Greece Rania Antonopoulos, Sofia Adam, Kijong Kim, Thomas Masterson, Dimitri B. Papadimitriou

This report, by the Levy Institute and INE-GSEE, presents research based evidence of the macroeconomic and employment effects of a large-scale direct job creation intervention. Unemployment_Challenge (Download the full text in PDF format)

The Rise and Fall of the Global South Prabhat Patnaik

A picture that was painted of globalization went as follows: the real wages in the south are much lower than in the north, since the south is saddled with large labour reserves. In a world where capital is mobile, even if labour is not, capital from the north will shift the location of its production activity from the north to the south, to take advantage of these low wages, for meeting global demand. Even if capital from the north does not move to the south, local capitalists in the south who have access (or can obtain access) to frontier production…

Public Management, Policy Capacity, Innovation and Development Erkki Karo and Rainer Kattel

This paper discusses how and why policy capacity evolves; and why under certain circumstances complementarities or mismatches between the public and private sectors emerge. Public_Management (Download the full text in PDF format) (This paper was originally published in the Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, vol. 34, nº 1 (134), pp. 80-102, January-March/2014.)

Workers Dying in Qatar Jayati Ghosh

The grim news coming out of Qatar about the deaths of hundreds of migrant workers from India and other (mostly South Asian) countries provides an insight into the appalling lack of concern for human life among employers there. The problem seems especially bad in the construction industry, as companies try to finish sites for the next World Cup at breakneck speed. It underlines the double standards with respect to local and migrant workers, as well as the divisions among the migrants themselves, between expatriates from rich countries and those employed in the dirty, difficult and dangerous activities that locals no…