Condolence Rama Salla Dieng

Dear All,

Please accept my condolences for the loss of our Professor Sam Moyo. I am writing the word ‘loss’ unwillingly. It is so hard to accept the news. I had turned to land studies because of his great passion and commitment at the first PanAfrican land grab conference in 2013 in Addis, because of his writings, those of Prof Tsikata, Prof Olukoshi and Prof Amanor. It is because of him that I later focused most of my research at SOAS on land, proud to quote his brilliant analysis of the “African Land Question”. And it is because of him that I am now doing my PhD on “land grabbing in Senegal.”

I met him again at the third PanAfrican land conference in Harare in September 2015!
The last day of the conference, I was sitting with Prof Moyo listening to his advice, preaching the need to have a global South approach. I can still hear him telling me to be Qondi’s old sister in London, at SOAS when I return.

I was supposed to see him again in January 2016 at the AIAS Summit and was working towards finalising my paper.

So soon!! We have lost a GIANT. May God console us and welcome him in Paradise. May his soul rest in Perfect peace.