Other Tributes and Condolence Messages

“It is with such a heavy heart that we remember Sam, his laughter, his words.”Lau Kin Chi

– “No amount of word will describe the contribution of late Sam. He was the shining example of few African scholars left. We missed today and always. So sorry and May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.” – Bunu Go

“Much saddened by Sam Moyo’s tragic passing. All too brief was my only meeting with him, at a 2014 conference in Cochin. But the impression he made as scholar, as activist and, above all, as a person, is etched deep in memory, as we continued to share ideas via email. A great loss to our community and to the world, he will be much missed.” – J. Mohan Rao

“Shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Sam Moyo’s tragic and untimely death. Please convey my deepest condolences to the bereaved family and all our comrades and friends on the IDEAs network.” – Venkatesh Athreya

“Shocking news indeed. May his soul rest in peace.” – Kalyan Shankar Ray

“As all the colleagues at IDEAs and friends in the tasks of discussing ways and means to have a better and just development economics I read with deep sorrow about the accident that tragically ended Sam Mojo´s life. He was a real committed activist and a sound scholar. He gave to us all light and joy. We will remember and thank him for it.” – Alicia Puyana

“I do not know Prof. Moyo and the first I heard about him was through IDEAs’ mailer today. I read about him over the internet. My heartfelt condolences on the passing away of an intellectual giant….The reason I also wanted to write is on account of the distress felt on reading about the manner of his demise. He was a guest on our soil. I do not know the full facts but surely this is yet another painful reminder of the standards of road safety for which we are already notorious……tragically and perhaps by some stretch, a microcosmic representation of the kind of development that it appears Prof. Moyo did not stand for or endorse.” – Srivatsan Lakshminarayan

“This is a so hard news… so sad to hear it…Sam was a so wonderful friend-comrad-brother. We will all continue his struggle, together. Fraternité,” – Remy Herrera

“Sad to hear the news a death of Prof. Sam Moyo sadly to see it in the twitter Sam Moyo was professor of the poor I met him in Nairobi, and in 2009 Mwalimu Nyerere festival, He was great down to earth organic intellectual the father of study of peasant social movement and land struggle, Prof. Sam Moyo … son of Africa is dead Africa has lost great intellectual fighter….” – Gacheke Gachihi

– “I just saw the IDEAs message about Sam Moyo’s untimely and tragic death in a terrible accident in Delhi. It is truly sad. Praveen had once invited me to an agrarian studies meeting in Delhi where I met Sam and Isa Shivji. They were both brilliant, and gave lucid presentations on the agrarian question in Africa. They were so persuasive that day that I still recall their arguments when I teach anything on Africa in my development classes. I also remember that Praveen had organized a dinner at his place, when I was able to spend some more time with Sam and others. He seemed like a very warm human being with an extraordinary ability to make friends. I am truly sorry about this loss, and I know that Sam has been associated with IDEAs for almost a decade now. It must be very traumatic for all of you. My deepest condolences” Vamsi

– “The tragic accident that took the life of Professor Sam Moyo has deprived us of a great researcher and enlightened political analyst on the agrarian question in Africa that has contributed significantly to the orientation of liberation struggles. I have not been lucky enough to know him personally, but reading his books and his many articles helped me a lot to know and spread in my country, Ecuador, and in several forums in Latin America, social unrest and political conflicts in several African countries. Sam has undertaken a great flight, but his departure is only physical because his thoughts and expectations of emancipatory political transformation will remain an essential reference in all continents.” Victor Hugo JIJON, Movement Pachakutik from Ecuador

– “It is with great sadness that I learned of Sam Moyo’s tragic passing. Please accept my most sincere condolences. I know how valued he was a comrade and partner in your many ventures in contesting neoliberalism and imperialism. I did not have the privilege of knowing him but had read his work particularly on the land and agrarian question and perhaps more importantly learned from it. I had hoped that some day I would meet him in person but that was not to be. From all accounts he was also a very warm, generous and charming person and a gentle persuader. Truly then a great loss for his family, friends, comrades and the left movement in general. Particularly at a time such as this. I would be grateful if you could please convey my condolences to his family and say that even though i did not know him I learned from him. And to both of you once again my most sincere condolences.” Mritiunjoy Mohanty