Sam Moyo’s Funeral Dzodzi Tsikata

Today was an incredible day. Zimbabweans came to mourn a beloved son, and were impressed by all the outpourings from around the world. Praveen Jha’s tribute had a beautiful Pablo Neruda poem in his tribute which was read as the burial service as was Shivji’s poem to Sam. Also read was Madam Zuma’s letter. Mourners came from far and near and included members of government in Zimbabwe and South Africa. The academics present were asked to be pallbearers, so we all went and carried Sam’s coffin to the hearse. There was a lot of high emotion at different points., but the most difficult was when Quondisile spoke so movingly about her father’s love for his daughters.The music was sublime and very comforting.

After the service, we drove to Glen forest, a new private cemetary to bury Sam. Those who wanted to invited to put a single white rose in the grave.

We then went back to the house for lunch and then we left after 2pm. There was a CODESRIA delegation of eight- myself, the current Executive Secretary, two former executive secretaries, one executive committee member and one former executive committee member, one staff member and a former staff member.

Now we have laid Sam to rest, may the healing process begin and may we begin to work in different ways to be true to his legacy.