The Rights of the Child and the G20 Summit Sir Richard Jolly & Gabriele Köhler

Nineteen rich counties and the EU are preparing for the G20 Summit. What brought this group together initially was their GDP size and their concern with the 2007/2008 massive financial crisis. After a brief flirtation with Keynesian ideas about governments’ responsibility in economic crises, they now cohere in their (misguided) belief in neoliberal policy making. As we know, the austerity and deregulation policies adopted by the majority of the G20 governments are extremely harmful. Decent jobs that are paid properly and come with social security guarantees for incidents of illness or accident, and for old age, have been replaced by…

Austerity Measures Threaten Children and Poor Households : Recent Evidence in Public Expenditures from 128 Developing Countries Isabel Ortiz, Jingqing Chai and Matthew Cummins

In the wake of the food, fuel and financial shocks, a fourth wave of the global economic crisis began in 2010, viz., fiscal austerity. Updating earlier research by UNICEF, this working paper examines the latest IMF government spending projections for 128 developing countries, comparing the three periods of 2005-07 (pre-crisis), 2008-09 (fiscal expansion) and 2010-12 (fiscal contraction). It discusses the possible risks of the adjustment measures for social expenditures and summarises a series of alternative policy options. poor_households (Download the full text in PDF format)

Prioritizing Expenditures for a Recovery for All Isabel Ortiz, Jingqing Chai, Mathew Cummins, Gabriel Vergara

This UNICEF paper examines government expenditure projections for 126 low and middle income countries and their potential implications for children and poor households during the ongoing fragile economic recovery. While recognizing the importance of macroeconomic stability, the paper questions if the projected fiscal adjustment trajectory in a number of countries is conducive to the objective of protecting vulnerable households and the achievement of development goals such as the MDGs. (Financing options for pro-poor social spending are also explored). unicef (Download the full text in PDF format)