Myths, Mix-ups, and Mishandlings: Understanding the Eurozone crisis Servaas Storm and C.W.M. Naastepad

The real cause of the Eurozone crisis resides in unsustainable private sector debt leverage that was aided and abetted by the liberalization of European financial markets and a global banking glut. Understanding_Eurozone_Crisis (Download the full text in PDF format) (This article was originally published in the International Journal of Political Economy, 45: 46–71, 2016.)

Crisis and Recovery in the German Economy: The real lessons Servaas Storm and C.W.M. Naastepad

The main lesson to draw from Germany's rebound from crisis is that if a country's technological competitiveness is stronger and consensual macro-governance structure is more effective, the country will more likely weather a crisis. German_Economy (Download the full text in PDF format) (This article was originally published in the journal, "Structural Change and Economic Dynamics", 32 (2015) 11-24.)

Employment Generation as an Economic Strategy for Uncertain Times Jayati Ghosh

It is truly a great honour for me to receive this award, and I am especially deeply honoured to be part of the broader agenda that the ILO has been pursuing, which I believe is especially critical in the current fragile global economic environment. I believe that the ILO can make an important contribution to a new direction, based on the generation of decent work as the fundamental goal, which can even become a game-changing approach to macroeconomic strategy. Any formulation of economic strategy for our times must rest on some increasingly evident current realities: periods of ''rapid growth'' have…