Avinash Persaud’s Reinvention of Financial Regulation Andrew Cornford

The work on financial regulation of governments and intergovernmental organisation rolls on with final outcomes promised but seemingly always just over the horizon. Overviews are few owing no doubt both to the complexity of the agenda’s components and to the difficulty of analysing a target still subject to continuous revision. So the new book of Avinash Persaud (Persaud, 2015), which attempts such an overview, is a particularly welcome event, though his assessment is inevitably provisional. Persaud’s career has spanned executive positions at a number of major banks, teaching and managerial positions in academe, and analysis and proposals concerning the financial…

Post-Crisis Reform: A lost opportunity? C.P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh

In its recently released annual report, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas makes a case for breaking up banks considered too big to fail. But the failure to do that is only one possible way in which the opportunity provided by the crisis to reform and regulate finance has been lost. Post_Crisis_Reform (Download the full text in PDF format) (This article was originally published in the Business Line on April 2, 2012)