India and the World Economy C.P. Chandrasekhar

Boosted by media reports and assessments by public and private financial institutions of India’s high growth potential, capital inflows have seen a major surge in India resulting for one in huge foreign exchange reserves. But expectations that India is out to share in the spoils of global dominance may be misplaced since these fail to take account of the kind of liabilities that India is accumulating in order to finance its still incipient global expansion. Also, the more the investor and lender confidence results in capital flows in excess of India’s current account financing needs, the greater is the possibility…

Argentina Since Default: The IMF and the depression Alan B. Cibils, Mark Weisbrot and Debayani Kar

More than eight months since the economic crisis has passed and Argentina's economy continues to decline, with the recession now having lasted more than four years. This paper looks at Argentina's crisis since the default in an attempt to find a way out of the Depression. argentina_default (Download the full text in PDF format)