Foreign Direct Investment and Utilization of Natural Gas in Bangladesh Anu Muhammad

This paper investigates the natural gas sector of Bangladesh and examines whether optimum utilization of natural gas is directly or inversely correlated to the present form of Foreign Direct Investment in that sector. The findings of the study concludes that, FDI in gas sector was not warranted considering the local capability and demand-supply scenario. The article also examines the viability of exporting gas from Bangladesh. fdi_gas (Download the full text in PDF format)

Bolivian Natural Gas Crisis Amit Thorat

Winds of change are blowing in Bolivia at present, and probably not without reason. The country is witnessing political and social unrest of a nature and intensity unlike anything seen earlier. This crisis ridden nation has the distinction of being the poorest country in Latin America, with poverty levels as high as 70 percent. 6 out of every 10 persons in the country and 9 out of every 10 in the country side live in poverty! Unemployment rates are expected to reach 10%, whereas 13% of the employed are thought to be actually underemployed. ┬áThe economy, which is currently in…