Argentina Since Default: The IMF and the depression Alan B. Cibils, Mark Weisbrot and Debayani Kar

More than eight months since the economic crisis has passed and Argentina's economy continues to decline, with the recession now having lasted more than four years. This paper looks at Argentina's crisis since the default in an attempt to find a way out of the Depression. argentina_default (Download the full text in PDF format)

Argentine President Bows to IMF and Banks

On May 30, 2002, the Argentine senate voted to repeal the 1974 economic subversion law criminalising bad business decisions and capital flight in an effort to meet conditions set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for issuing new loans to the debt-ridden nation. Senate President Juan Carlos Maqueda broke a 34-34 tie to pass the repeal after weeks of procrastination. Charges pending under the law against several bankers – including one currently in jail – will now be dropped. Those in support of the removal of the law said other existing laws were adequate to protect the bankrupt country against…