Cultural Liberty in Today’s Diverse World: A Critique Ananya Mukherjee Reed

The Human Development Report (HDR) of 2004 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is entitled Cultural Liberty in Today's Diverse World [1]. It argues for active "multicultural policies that recognize differences, champion diversity and promote cultural freedoms, so that all people can choose to speak their language, practice their religion, and participate in shaping their culture-so that all people can choose to be who they are". The Report identifies two major forms of cultural exclusion: living mode exclusion and participation exclusion. Living mode exclusion occurs when the state or social custom denigrates or suppresses a group's culture, including its language, religion or…

Rapid Change and Mortality Crises Giovanni Andrea Cornia

The last two decades have been characterized by rapid change in most social, political and economic areas. This paper analyses the historical and current episodes of rapid change that – despite their inherently positive nature and the favourable expectations that surrounded their introduction – generated large social costs. rapid_change (Download the full text in PDF format)