Still Crying for Nepal – Six months later Gabriele Kohler

Six months after the Nepal earthquakes there has been a spike in international media interest in the country. Many programmes and articles have looked into the fate of the survivors. As six months ago, one needs to cry as one watches the footage or reads the reports – cry for those bereaved, those traumatised by the quake and continuing aftershocks, for those whose homes were destroyed and who huddle under tarpaulins and lean-tos, with little access to food. One can but cry for children who are orphaned or lost siblings and friends or are being trafficked; for the pregnant women…

Protecting Salaries of Frontline Teachers and Health Workers UNICEF

The roles of frontline teachers and health providers are crucial for social development of children in poor countries, be it in rural areas or urban slums. However, as in previous post crisis recovery processes, the period has witnessed a decrease in the salaries of frontline teachers and health workers in real terms. The salaries need to be protected to ensure continuation of these essential services to society. protecting_salaries (Download the full text in PDF format)