Hype and Facts on Free Trade C. P. Chandrasekhar

Voices questioning the claim that nations and the majority of their people stand to gain from global trade are growing louder. The one difference now is that the leading protagonist of protectionism is not a developing country, but global hegemon United States under Donald Trump. Free trade benefits big corporations with production facilities abroad, Trump argues, while harming those looking for a decent livelihood working in America. With time Trump has made clear that his words are not mere rhetoric, matching them with tariffs that have frightened European and North American allies and US corporations, besides troubling the likes of…

Trump’s Trade War C. P. Chandrasekhar

After a year of huffing and puffing, President Donald Trump has launched, since January this year, what some are terming a trade war—fought in scattered industrial and selected locations. It started with quotas and tariffs on solar panel and washing machine imports, but then moved menacingly to steel and aluminium. Tariffs on these two products have been imposed under a WTO clause relating to imports that threaten national security, even while Trump’s rhetoric refers to competition from "cheap metal that is subsidized by foreign countries", which amounts to a completely different ‘dumping’ charge. With the tariff hike on steel at…

Trade Finance: Effects Of The Basel Capital Framework and Other Regulatory Developments Andrew Cornford

The impact of the Basel III capital adequacy framework requires detailed analysis. Have the rules relating to trade finance slowed down world trade? What are the implications for money laundering, and changes in banks' operations in response to global environmental challenges? Trade_Finance (Download the full text in PDF format)

Macroeconomic Impacts of Commodity Price Volatility: G20 report Aldo Caliari

The G20 has recently come up with a report on the macroeconomic impacts of excessive commodity price volatility on growth. This study has concluded that excessive volatility creates uncertainty over future price levels, and complicates long-term planning and investment which leads to producers and consumers of commodities underinvesting in physical assets that support growth. This commentary highlights the key features and important findings of this report. G20_Report (Download the full text in PDF format)