1st Conference on Development Planning July 17-18, 2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina

‘Do you want to raise economic growth’s rate in a persistent way? Promote education. Do you want economic growth to be translated into a long-lasting economic development? Promote education. Do you long for economic development to bring progress and wellbeing for everyone? Promote education. Invest the most on the best possible education. Encourage the sciences, literature and arts, natural and cultural sciences. (…) The sure path driving from hardship to abundance does not diverge from that driving from ignorance to knowledge and from error to truth.’

Prof. Julio H.G. Olivera 

The current international environment, with accelerated economic, social and technological changes, shows the weaknesses of underdeveloped countries in articulating policies in order to achieve structural change and improvement in the living conditions of their populations, in other words a sustainable development path. This questions the State capabilities to take over a transformative role and more generally calls for a debate about a new conceptualization of the State’s embeddedness (autonomous or subordinated) within the prevailing social and economic relations. Such debate requires the recovery of abandoned contributions of Classical Political Economy, but it should also include various long ignored perspectives in development theory, such as gender relations and their role in explaining different types of inequalities.

The 1st Conference on Development Planning “Julio H.G. Olivera” stems from this need, and the joint effort of several universities, institutions and organizations. The Conference intends to provide an open platform for discussion and debate based on transformative research and training, nourished by scholars, teachers and students working together with the desire to build an inclusive, plural and democratic society. The Conference will take place in the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (Av. Córdoba 2122), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Conference is part of a series of activities taking place in Buenos Aires during two weeks, with guest speakers from Argentina and abroad, generating multiple possibilities for debate and intellectual exchange in a pluralist, wide and inclusive environment.

Between July 19th-21st the Young Scholars Initiative of  the Institute for New Economic Thinking will host in Buenos Aires its Latin American convening, one of the most important international economic gatherings in the region. During three days, Ph.D. and Master Students will have the leading role in the presentations and debates, both by showing their research and by interacting with numerous scholars from Argentina, Latin America and the whole world.

In turn, on July 16th LALICS (Latin American Network for Economics of Learning, Innovation and Competence Building System) will hold its Doctoral Forum, open to PhD students whose  research is focused on matters related to innovation, technological change and economic development.

Finally, between July 10th-13th, the Master on Economic Development and the Centre for Studies on Economics and Development (IDEAS-UNSAM) will host their 5° Winter School “Advanced Topics in Heterodox Economics”. The Winter School will offer to bachelor students a conceptual panorama of different heterodox schools of thought, usually absent from most curricula.

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