4th Workshop on New Developmentalism: New Theory and Policy for Developing Countries Hosted by the Centre for Studies on New Developmentalism of the Sao Paulo School of Business Administration - Getulio Vargas Foundation - São Paulo,Brazil.

The Centre for Studies on New Developmentalism of the São Paulo School of Business Administration at Getulio Vargas Foundation is pleased to invite interested candidates for participating in the 4th Workshop on New Developmentalism – Theory and Policies for Developing Coutries -, which will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, on July 25 and 26th, 2019.

The program will include, in the first day, a mini-course on new developmentalism in which this theory will be compared with classical developmentalism (development economics) as well as with post-Keynesian macroeconomics  – the two school of thoughts from which new developmentalism originates.

This call for papers is for the second day. Submission of papers are welcome on the following subjects:

  • political economy of new developmentalism (developmental capitalism x liberal capitalism, the developmental state)
  • private and public investment
  • the role of the five macroeconomic prices on structural change and economic development
  • the comparison of new developmentalism with post-Keynesian economics and with classical developmentalism.


Researchers and students are invited either to attend to the workshop and submit a  paper for a panel, or to attend to the workshop (lectures and panels) only.


Candidates should submit an abstract, maximum  size of 500 words (excluding references). It should be sent in pdf format and must include identification of author, affiliation, and title of the article. Due date is 18 March, 2019. Results will be released on 21 March,2019.

E-mail address to submissions: cnd@fgv.br.th

Final versions of papers for accepted submissions should be sent no later than 6 May, 2019.

Best articles may be published in the Brazilian Journal of Political Economy.


All applicants shall send a short (one page) curriculum vitae, containing no less than maximum academic degree, the corresponding institution, research interests and most relevant publications (not mandatory).

Important Dates

  • For the panelists, the deadline to submit abstracts is 18 March, 2019.
  • Notification of acceptance of papers submissions will be sent no later than 21 March, 2019.
  • The deadline for sending the final version of the paper is  6 May, 2019.
  • For people who only want to attend to the seminar, the deadline for enrollment will be 1 July, 2019.

The Centre will pay 3 nights at the hotel for the panelists and provide lunch and coffee break for all participants.

There will be a symbolic registration fee of US$50.00 or R$175,00 for all participants. Panelists and participants will receive certificates.

The Hotel Paulista Wall Street (5 minutes away from the conference place) offer special tariffs for the participants (please inform that you are enrolled in the Workshop for special rates).

If you need an invitation letter, please let us know.

The upcoming information about the Workshop will be available on this link: http://cnd.fgv.br/node/595


Luiz Carlos Bresser Pereira (FGV)

Nelson Marconi (FGV)

Sonia Reis (FGV)

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