Is More Mobility Good? Firm Mobility and the Low Wage – Low productivity trap Stephanie Seguino

This paper explores the possibility that unregulated FDI flows are causally implicated in the decline in labor productivity growth in semi-industrialized economies. These effects are hypothesized to operate through the negative impact of firm mobility on worker bargaining power and thus affecting wages. Downward pressure on wages can reduce the pressure on firms to raise productivity in defense of profits, contributing to a low wage-low productivity trap. The paper presents empirical evidence based on panel data fixed effects and GMM estimation for 37 semi-industrialized economies, which supports the causal link between increased firm mobility and lower wages, as well as…

Rising Market Control of Transnational Agribusiness Amit Thorat

Agriculture around the world is witnessing an unprecedented change. The manner in which food was and is still grown in many parts of the world and made available to the people for consumption is fast changing. The developed world especially is undergoing a structural transformation of its agriculture sector which can best be described as "industrialization of agriculture" and many economists have started referring to this present stage of agricultural development as "food manufacturing". Rising_Market_Controll (Download the full text in PDF format)

Changes in the world of work Jayati Ghosh

With globalization failing to deliver the promised benefits in the form of increased work opportunities and higher living standards for all, it becomes imperative to revaluate both labour and macroeconomic policies towards greater overall economic growth,  employment generation and its impact on women workers in developing countries. world_work (Download the full text in PDF format)